Xero training delivered by experts, designed to change the way you experience training…for the better!

At Verve Group Training we are experts in Xero and want you to be as well. We offer a range of comprehensive training options ranging from beginner to advanced classes. Our training will have you mastering Xero in no time and quickly experiencing the money and time saving benefits of using Xero to it’s full advantage.

Xero’s Preferred Training Centre in South Australia & the Northern Territory


Certified Instructors

A good trainer can make a big difference to how much you get out of a training session… So just imagine what a Xero Certified, expert, super-friendly and all-round awesome trainer will do for your learning? At Verve Group Training, we employ only the very best Xero trainers. They know Xero better than the back of their own hand and actually make learning enjoyable!


Free Post-Training Support

No matter how attentive a student is, we know that there’s no way you can be expected to remember every detail you’ve learnt that day. That’s why we are proud to offer 14 days of free telephone and email support after your course has finished. This means you can relax during your training know that you have expert follow up support should you need it. We also provide comprehensive training manuals.


Variety of Training Options

It’s no secret that training can be a daunting concept, so at Verve Group Training we pull out all the stops to ensure that you receive the right level of training in the right setting. With the options of attending in-class training or a 1:1 session in your work place, we offer a range of training sessions from beginner to advanced to suit people from every walk of life and industry.